The Benefits of Music: A Mental Health Article

The Benefits of Music: A Mental Health Article

Chances are that you have a favourite song, or a few favourite songs. Not just that, but listening to them after a long and exhausting day go a long way towards putting you in a better mood, as any good song is liable to do. This health article shows that music can act as much more than just a mood lifter, however.

Recent studies surfacing from Austria are beginning to shed light on the actual relationship between music and health. Physical health benefits can be gained from listening to music on a regular basis. From memory loss, to workout boosters, to chronic back pain, music has turned out to be quite the benefit to our general health.
This mental health, and general health article will help reveal some of the benefits music has to offer.

Mental Health for Memory Loss

Many of those suffering from memory loss problems will find some benefit in listening to their chosen music. Those for whom language has become useless, and have lost the ability to speak as a result, have often been found to assist in memory recovery, illustrating the relationship between music and health.

When listening to the music of their choice, or music that they listened to prior to developing memory issues, symptoms of anxiety were reduced. Additionally, their orientation became enhanced and the recollection of past events became far easier, contributing positively to an increased mental health state.

This test was conducted in parallel with another group who did not listen to music, all of the subjects suffered similarly from post-traumatic amnesia.

Music and Health Benefits for Chronic Back Pain

Another finding found to benefit the body, though unrelated to mental health, is the positive effect that certain types of music offer for chronic back pain.

Studies conducted at the General Hospital of Salzburg were done on 65 patients, separated into 2 groups, suffering from chronic back pain after surgery. This yielded some interesting results. While one group received standard treatment, the other group were also subjected to music and visualisation classes.

The result was that the group subjected to music and visualisation classes experienced better pain relief than the other group that was not. Additionally, it was found that listening to music for about 25 minutes per day (A well as listening to calm, slow, rhythmic songs) is likely to prevent back pain from occurring entirely, and also assist with sleeping.

A Definitive Workout Boost

The effects of music on your exercise routine was studied at the Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. It was found that music provided a whole host of benefits that improved subjects’ workouts.

The test was undertaken with 12 men, each of which listened to music while riding a bicycle. The same men then completed the same exercise the next day without any music, which was repeated over several days.

The findings spoke volumes, because on the days where the men did listen to music, they were able to travel an average of 10 percent further than on the days where they didn’t listen to music. This was thanks to a combination of different effects that were experienced by these men, as the music helped to increase endurance, as well as an effective distraction from any discomfort experienced by these men.

A Boost to Good Health

Indeed, the benefits of music, as covered by this health article, are wide ranging. It is entirely possible that the relationship between music and health extend much further than we yet know. From its mental health benefits, to its contribution to the reduction in physical pain, music certainly plays its own part.

Becoming a Professional Musician Through Music Promotion

Becoming a Professional Musician Through Music Promotion

Reaching the point of being able to become a professional musician is one that presents a multitude of challenges for those pursuing this career path. Regardless, the question of how to become famous, or at least become a full-time professional musician, has answers that very often work when undertaken properly.

There are several ways to boost your reputation in a positive light, such as music promotion, exposure, and more.

Generating Your Own Identity

While music promotion is usually the most important aspect of becoming successful, it’s also important to brand yourself. When you make your personality and professional image known, the same happens with your music. It follows, then, that your identity needs to be exciting and something that appeals to the audience you seek.
It may also be prudent to avoid ambiguity in this regard, music is highly subjective, and falls into a massive number of genres. As such, try to make sure that your music and your identity fall in line with each other.

Be Active on Social Media

Social Media is currently one of the most powerful tools when addressing the challenge of how to become famous. Nowadays, most people receive a huge amount of information from social media. That said, it’s an indispensable tool for exposure, generating connections, and also creating your brand.

Make use of whatever platforms are available to you, the more social media accounts you have, the more exposure you generate for yourself. Facebook, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Twitter are examples of just a few of the platforms you should be utilising. To assist in generating an image of a professional musician, having your own website is also very helpful.

Take Every Opportunity That Heads Your Way

Whenever the chance to play at a live event presents itself, it’s up to you to take it whenever possible. Even if the remuneration doesn’t end up being profitable, or if there is none at all, the exposure that live music provides is paramount to tackling the challenge of how to become famous.

Important as well, is to remember that music is a passion. Your music promotion should be done more in the interests of your love for music than for the money. Love what you do, not how much you get paid to do it.

Know Your Audience

Listen to your music, understand what it is about, what genre it falls under. Once you’ve done this, understand the kind of people that will enjoy it. New kinds of music is created all the time that falls into more and more specific sub-genres, it’s important to note where yours falls as well.

Connecting with your audience on social media will also help you to get an idea of what they want, as well as what is popular and trending.

Remember That Music is a Business

Outside of music promotion in itself, there’s a lot of grind work needed to ensure your success is realised. Be aware of your finances, and learn to act and think like a businessman. When others see that you take yourself seriously outside of your performances, then they will do so as well. Finally, always have a means of leaving your details, such as a business card, business cards are seen as professional, and will serve to further your career.


News in the New Year!

What’s New at Respect Music

2016 is in full swing at Respect music with new singles and music videos ready to hit radio and TV screens across the country!

Mathew Gold

Mathew Gold!

2015 saw Mathew Gold continue to enhance his reputation as an artist to watch. Having signed with Universal Music Group, Mathew teamed up with producer duo BreakDLaw to create the summer anthem “When We Were Young”. The single saw success across the country and reached the top 10 on 5fm’s Hyundai Top 40.

The new-year means more new music for Mathew and he has now released the next single off his upcoming album. “Lay Down”, produced by Tellaman, is an R&B banger and a sign of things to come for the soulful singer. The music video for the new single was featured as part of an exclusive on MTV further boosting the hype around Mathew and what he has to bring to the airwaves.

Mathew Gold – “Lay Down”:

Lloyd Cele – “Just Can’t Throw Us Away”

2015 was a great year for Lloyd Cele, winning his Metro FM award, starring in the Marvin Gaye tribute show “Let’s Get It On”, performing across the country, culminating in a busy festive season, impressing crowds all over South Africa.

After the success of his latest album “Grey Matter”, Lloyd is back in studio working on new material and has now released his latest offering “Just Can’t Throw Us Away”. Paying homage to his love for soul and feel good music, the song is a ready to put a smile on the faces of radio listeners and industry as a whole.

Lloyd Cele – “Just Can’t Throw Us Away”: Cele

HHP is “Popping Mabodlela”

The legend of not just Maftown but South African Hip-Hop as a whole is stepping up his game in 2016. He has released the next single off his album “Motswako High School” that he released, literally on the eve, of 2015.

HHP – “Pop Mabhodlela” :

“Pop Mabhodlela” is a turn-up, smasher of a record that features local songstress Tamarsha adding her pipes to the song. A ground breaking video has also been released to accompany the video with a tongue in cheek feel that only Hip Hop Pantsula himelf could pull off the way he does.



HHP is constantly at work in studio with more music on the way, bigger and better than ever before.


What’s new at Respect Music!

With four new singles and a new album, there are a lot of new happenings at Respect Music and this all with the corporate season about to get into full swing.


Mathew Gold!

Friday the 4th of September sees the launch of Mathew Gold’s new single “When We Were Young” with the impressive dance duo of BreakDLaw who hit international heights with their single “Paint Me Like A French Girl” in 2014. This collaboration has culminated in a tune that could very well become a staple for the summer and a regular on dance floors across the country.

This single also marks the first bit of music to be released after Mathew signed a deal with major label Universal earlier in 2015. With an album already in the works and more singles lined up, Mathew Gold is well on his way to firmly cementing himself as one to watch in the second half of 2015 and beyond.

lloyd cele FEELING SO GOOD option 2

Lloyd Cele is “Feeling So Good”

2014 saw the release of Lloyd Cele’s latest full studio album called “Grey Matter”, which featured successful singles such as “Tonight” and “Just Be Mine” and also saw Lloyd bag his first Metro FM award in the Best RnB category for Ngiyakudinga Mtakwethu.

Looking to build on that success, Lloyd has now released his second single for the year titled “Feeling So Good”. The single features Lloyd’s signature sounds with a catchy, interesting chorus that is sure to get him even more airplay across the countries airwaves.

“Stars” – Mariechan

Having found massive success with the all female group Jamali, Mariechan is back with a single to take her solo career to the next level. The songstress teamed up with producer DJ Ganyani Beat and has created a powerful house record featuring her impressive vocal ability that is sure to make waves and see her back on the airwaves. With plans for an album in full swing, “Stars” could be the first of many singles for Mariechan as a solo artist.

“The Breakout” for Tumi

The Gang of Instrumentals became a household name not so long ago with their signature sound and now Tumi, whose vocals were a vital part of their success, is looking to do the same with her debut single “Sugar Free”. The fun, energy filled single is an example of what Tumi is capable of and is a good sign of things to come with an album scheduled to be completed in early 2016 titled “The Breakout”.

Swing City’s album “Well Swung”

The trio known as Swing City consisting of Loyiso Bala, Nathan Ro and Graeme Watkins have been wowing audiences with their swing standards for over 2 years and now they have an album. Having spent a full two weeks in studio at Howard Audio with some of the countries leading musicians, the boys have completed a 13 track album that includes popular standards, modern singles with swing arrangements and also features from Shoowop Shop, Chiano Sky and Lloyd Cele.

The album is out now! Get it on iTunes!