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‘No Ordinary Guy’ – the first debut album from one of the most prominent rising South African singers, Mathew Gold was The Rush. It made major headways in late 2013 into 2014. The hip hop-inspired electronic track tells the story of an ordinary man on his quest for greatness.

Mathew Gold is best known for his smooth and dreamy vocal that propelled GoodLuck’s ‘Taking it Easy’ to being one of the top 10 tracks to come out of South Africa during 2011 and landing him a SAMA nomination for Record of The Year. GoodLuck enjoyed working with Gold so much that they decided to produce his first Album. The follow up to No Ordinary guy was the hit ‘Where Are You Going’ with the Kiffness.

The debut album of Mathew Gold, The Rush, features productions by Crazy White Boy, Justin Denobrega, AKA, Mr Sakitumi, Pascal and Pierce, David Jones and GoodLuck. “The album has less of a ‘sound’ direction and more of a ‘feel’, capturing more of the emotion in the story than in the selection of sound – we wanted to create music that spans multiple genres and because of that, also appeals to diverse audiences. We even went as far as using an out of tune upright piano for a Drum and Bass track, to ensure we got across the vintage sound in the track.”

Gold couldn’t refute the pull he felt towards music as a young boy, especially having grown up in a musical family. After completing school, Mathew enrolled in the Waterfront Theatre School, where his talents for music and theatre become evident. What followed was a top 12 position in season five of South African Idols, a TV presenter role for SABC hit TV magazine show, Hectic Nine-9, and the lead role in a major commercial. These achievements served to cement is place as one of the well-known and respected South African singers.

Mathew is retaining his position as one of the most well-known South African singers by recording his follow up album to be released in 2015. Hits on radio currently are ONE FOR ONE with Household Funk.

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