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It’s been over TEN years since Jamali first won over South Africa’s hearts on Popstar’s 2003-2004 reality television show. With platinum album sales, sold out concerts and top music awards under their belt, Jamali has never looked back. Jamali, a name most fans now know was created out of the first two letters of their first names, comprises of three enormously talented starlets- Jacqui, Mariechan and Liesl.

The trio are best known for belting out sensational ballads and their uniquely South African sound that has taken them straight to the top of both radio and sales charts! Jamali’s first self-titled album, hit platinum sales and set Jamali on the road to success. Their three time’s SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated second album, ‘Yours Fatally’ was a huge hit with their fans. They won the coveted SAMA for Best South African Pop Act 2009 for their 3rd album, ‘3rd Base’.

Jamali continues to offer up stellar live performances packed with flawless choreography and harmonic vocals that are sure to get every single audience member on their feet. Jamali is an ever-evolving trio that goes from strength to strength with each passing year.

Jamali is planned to release a thank you single towards the end of 2015 to show appreciation to their fans for their support over the past 10 + years

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