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‘Howza’, real name Tshepo Howard Mosese, has been described by many in and outside of the industry as a born entertainer. When he is not delivering his customary razor- sharp lyrics into a microphone, or playing a role that we all love to hate on TV, then he can be found hosting the uber successful Big Up on SABC1.

It’s been a long time since kwaito produced a name that sparks fear and admiration in the hearts of fellow artists, and earns praise from the staunchest of critics. For some time now, many have been raving about his witty punch lines and those tight delivery skills that helped make Blackjack what it was. His debut solo album “Cut to the chase” proved that he could stand on his own as aqa solo artist.

With all the hard work that this actor, musician and TV presenter puts into all that he does, it’s no wonder, “World Premier”kept him in studio for the past two years. He has not only made his mark

as the hot boy of Kwaito, but he is also well-known for the role of Adam that he portrayed inGenerations, where we saw him rubbing shoulders with some of the top actors in mzansi. He says he is just as comfortable behind the camera as he is behind the microphone. “It’s just that music came first,” notes Howza. He adds that this avenue opened other doors for him and expanded his fan-base.

He worked with the likes of Flabba, Mzambiya, Lady Naturelle (Gang of Instrumentals) and of course Omen, who produced the entire album, barring one track which was produced by D-Rex. “I really loved working with Omen, he is not only one of the hottest producer’s la e mzansi, but our chemistry in the studio also inspired me to up my game”.

Howza is one of the main faces and Sabc1 ambassadors as he currently hosts two very popular TV shows. One being All you need is love, a reality prime time show viewed by over 2, 5 million people every Tuesday nights and Sundays noon. The other is called Big up of which he is also the co-director. This is a youth show about young people from disadvantaged communities who aim to make a difference. We also saw this program winning numerous awards at the South African Film and TV awards in the four seasons it’s been running.

Howza doesn’t only want to entertain his fans though; he is also keen to make a difference in people’s lives. He is a world youth Diabetes ambassador, who enjoys jetting around .the country and the world sharing his story of living with type 1 Diabetes. He also composed a song for this cause together with his producer and fellow band member Omen called ”I CHOOSE TO LIVE” which encourages people to be vocal and fight this silent killer. His aim is to increase awareness about the illness, and be a positive role model for the youth.

This family man has now embarked on a very profitable journey as a businessman. Howza has partnered up with a shoe store company called Dodos which has been trading for over 22years.Together they have designed a range of Howza Deluxe shoes which will be released in 100 Dodos stores around the country. Howza is a beacon of hope to the young men and woman born in the townships as his life tells a story that anyone can be successful no matter where you are from.

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