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CONCORD NKABINDE’s music has been described as a cross-cultural sound that brings together people of different backgrounds, to a place of common ground. His performance is unique and with a live band of professionally exciting musicians. Concord presents an internationally appealing, yet proudly South African sound.

CONCORD’s passion for different languages, cultures and musical expressions of the world is evident in the show, providing audiences with an expanded and entertaining offering of music, which appeals to both local and international audiences.

The content of the performance consists largely of Nkabinde’s original works, most of which have been released on his CDs, namely; “The time, The season” and “This is my world”. Throughout the show Concord pays tribute to some world renowned South African composers. The performance, although structured, allows for the improvised style of South African Jazz music to shine through, drawing the audience into this cross-cultural, multi-faceted musical experience through explanation and audience participation.

CONCORD and his band strive for excellence in performance, displaying masterful musical skills, and dedication to their craft. Their musical offering, displaying extraordinary levels of musicianship, speaks to both accomplished musicians as well as general audiences, who may not be that musically literate. Many audiences have found Nkabinde’s performances not only to be entertaining, but educational and informative as well. His performances are sure to leave one with things to think about, transcending the practicalities and responsibilities of everyday life experience.

Whether it is just CONCORD & his bass guitar alone or with full band, audiences will always be drawn to that sincere and soulful out-pouring of emotion through performance.

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